Welcome to Nairuby, a user group for Ruby programmers based in Nairobi, Kenya. We welcome all programmers of all levels, from beginner to advanced! Our aims are to promote:

  • Software development skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Open Source Culture

To do this we organise meetings and workshops to share knowledge, code and our enthusiasm for programming in Ruby.


There are many ways to participate in Nairuby:

  • Attend our meet-ups: we have a number of regular meet-ups that everyone is welcome to attend:

    • General meetings for formal presentations, lightning talks and group discussions on topics of interest to those working with Ruby. Meetings are usually the second Thursday of the month, “Ruby Thursday”. Let us know if you’re interested in presenting. Upcoming events on Meetup.

    • Beginner’s meetings for one-on-one help. Programmers with any level of Ruby experience are welcome at these so they can get and offer help at these. Happens every week except the first week of the month.

    • Lunch meetings to hang out and meet fellow Ruby enthusiasts. Occurs every last Wednesday of the month.

  • Give a presentation at one of our monthly meetings and share something you’ve learned in the world of Ruby with the group. You can also suggest a presentation if there is something you would like to learn or to recruit a speaker.

  • Join our Meetup Group many of the meetups and events are announced through this.

  • Subscribe to our online mailing list: “nairuby” to receive meeting announcements and notes, get suggestions of interesting events, and participate in technical discussions. You may post information about Ruby related jobs and gigs near Nairobi if you follow the job posting guidelines.

  • Contribute code to Nairuby’s official homepage (this site). The code is publicly available on GitHub and is powered by Jekyll. Help us close open issues or create new issues.

  • Follow us on Twitter for meeting announcements and other general info. Ruby related tweets from the community with #Nairuby hashtag should be retweeted by @NairubyKE as soon as it’s reviewed.

  • Follow our Code of Conduct.

  • Tell the world that you’re part of this user group and find others to join.

Learn about Ruby and programming

If you are you new to the Ruby programming language? Here is a list of resources to get you started!

For more resources check out our Learning Resources page.

Community Contributions

We’re not merely a user group, but an open source culture incubator churning out various software projects and initiaves. Some of the notable ones are: