Who Is A Member?

Anyone who is part of the Nairuby Organisation on GitHub or has subscribed to the Nairuby Mailing List. The former is mainly for those who are collaborating code while the latter is the primary communication channel. Each, as you can see, serves a different purpose and so we recommend that you join both.

GitHub Organisation Members

These are the members who have joined the Nairuby organisation on GitHub. At the moment we should be about 19 in total but only members who’ve set their profile association with Nairuby to public will be listed below. Also note that this list is automatically generated from GitHub.

Mailing List Members

Subscribe to our online mailing list “nairuby” to receive meeting announcements and notes, get suggestions of interesting events, and participate in technical discussions. You may post information about Ruby related jobs and gigs near Nairobi if you follow the job posting guidelines.

Our mailing list is public … a list of the current subscribers can be found on the mailing list about page.